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Milk Procurement Process

You will be surprised to know that most of the dairies or Co-operative dont have their own source of milk, they act like aggregator and collects milk from farmers and small dairies and then do the processing and packaging with their own brand. Let’s try to understand their milk procurement process. Most of the dairies follows the following process:

VIllage / Taluka level Collection point: Here milk is collected from all the nearby farmers or small dairies. From here the milk is sent to nearby centralized chilling point where the procured milk is chilled and loaded on truck tanker. Milk is getting chilling treatment so as to increase the life span. Normally it takes more than 24 hours from get the milking done till get the milk loaded on truck tanker. From here tankers are sent to the processing plants where lot of processing being done depending on the product portfolio of the company. After these processing the final products like various quality of milk is packaged and send to the retailer. Again here it takes another few days from the tanker loaded till the milk reached to the retailer.

So we can see that the milk available in attractive packaging in the market are not fresh… most of us must be aware that fresh milk has life span of around 3-4 hours in normal temperature… hence the dairy companies do lot of processing so as to increase the life span of milk… and finally the contents of milk we get in the market completely changed, even though it looks like pure and fresh milk supplier in Mumbai

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