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Frequently Asked Questions

Sourced from our own Dairy Farm

We only provide Cow Milk

Morning between 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM

Eco-friendly Glass Bottle

Price revision will be applicable for subsequent renewal or new subscriptions

Yes! Anytime through our app

Yes! Anytime through our app

Your subscription is valid for a period of 6 months, after that your balance amount will be refunded

We deliver milk all the 7 days, unless there is some emergency like situation

No, we have very transparent pricing. Our subscription charges includes everything

Pasteurization is the process in which milk is heated to certain temperature and then quickly cooling it down to eliminate certain bacteria.

No, we don’t mix anything during pasteurization. This is as good as pure and natural milk.

Pasteurization is required to eliminate the growth of bacteria.

Homogenization is the process where fat molecules are broken down in to milk so that they stay integrated rather than separated as cream.

Not as desired, better subscribe for pasteurized milk. Homogenized milk is best for Drinking / Curd / Tea / Coffee, etc.

Yes, milk must be boiled at least once before consuming

Inconsistency indicates purity! Quantity of Malai / Cream depends on the feed ingredients which always keep changing

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